Tiny Titan Studios
Based in London, Ontario

Release date:
5 July, 2016



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It's hammer time! Race the clock to craft swords, armor and other wacky items as you upgrade your blacksmith shop in this exciting, fast-paced tapper RPG! Collect dozens of crazy Smith characters, like Agent Smith, Bat Smith and Dark Lord of the Smith, including rare Smythical characters with unique abilities! Challenge your reflexes and your memory as you master new blueprints to craft! Fast, reflex-based arcade action meets collectible cartoon craziness and roleplaying-style upgrades in this new release from Tiny Titan Studios! Do YOU have what it takes to save your grandpa’s business? Download Tap Smiths and get smithing!


It started as a prototype that was quickly put together in the office. Over the course of several weeks, Tap Smiths became a compulsively playable, surprisingly deep game experience that we were eager to share with gamers around the world. Peppered with humor, pop culture references and nods to some of our favorite video games, Tap Smiths is finally available on iOS and Android.


  • Over 40 Smith characters to collect!
  • Over 120 unique items to forge, craft and enhance!
  • Fully upgrade your anvil, hammers, bellows and more to unlock your smithery's full money-making potential!
  • Purchase and upgrade insane relics, like the Magic Carpet, Lava Lamp and Ninja, to grant special bonuses!
  • Earn achievements and unlock secrets galore!


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About Tiny Titan Studios

Tiny Titan Studios is a game developer and publisher based in London, Ontario, Canada. Since launching in 2014, we’ve released 10 titles globally including Tiny Rails, Kung Fu Z, Arena Stars, Dash Quest and the much anticipated sequel, Dash Quest 2! Our philosophy is to develop a gaming experience that is fun and enjoyable for every player all over the world.

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Tap Smiths Credits

Tiny Titan Studios

Jeff Evans
Lead Programmer, Lead Designer

Joe Pendon
Lead Artist, Lead Animator

Ali Al-Wasiti
Additional Programming

Chris McIntyre
Additional Art

Glenn Stanway
Additional Design, Production

Carson Braun
Additional Design

Phil Bickle
Quality Assurance

Dustin Crenna
Sound FX, Music

Chris Teixeira
Sound FX, Music

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