Tiny Titan Studios
Based in London, Ontario

Release date:
April 2019

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90 second battles. Anytime. Anywhere.

Choose and control your Hero, each with their own set of powerful abilities. ✔️
Build your Team from a huge selection of Troops and Spells. Order matters. ✔️
Experience an intense and unique 90 seconds of battle in real-time, 1v1 action! ✔️
Defeat the enemy Hero to win Trophies, Chests and more.
Collect Trophies to unlock new Leagues. Reach the Pros and get new content before others.
Seasons happen monthly. Compete to earn bragging rights, exclusive rewards and more.

Take on others in the Arena Stars Universe in this action-packed epic new multiplayer strategy game from Tiny Titan Studios!


Fresh off the success of retro classics like Dash Quest and Tiny Rails, the team at Tiny Titan Studios wanted to push the limits and solve the problem: how do players find the time to play the MOBAs they love? In the Fall of 2017, we set out to solve that very problem. We wanted to create an experience that had the depth and excitement of a MOBA in an intense yet palatable timeframe for players. Enter Arena Stars. In keeping with our philosophy of wanting to develop games we love to play, we decided to combine our two favorite genres; MOBA and fighting. Drawing on influences like Arena of Valor, Clash Royale, Street Fighter II and Dragon Ball FighterZ, Arena Stars began to take shape. After countless pots of coffee, we couldn’t be prouder of what Arena Stars has become. We’re extremely honored to share Arena Stars with the world!


  • Challenge others from around the world in real-time, 1v1 action
  • Choose your Hero; powerful characters each with their own set of special skills and abilities
  • Customize your Ultimate Deck to defeat your opponents
  • Earn Chests to unlock valuable rewards, collect new Cards and upgrade existing ones
  • Collect Trophies to unlock exciting new Arenas, Heroes and Troops
  • Win battles, earn bragging rights and climb the ladder to be the Season’s ultimate winner
  • Come back daily to collect your Bounties and free new rewards
  • Epic, fast-paced one-on-one multiplayer action combining strategy with quick reflexes


Arena Stars Official Trailer YouTube


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Original Soundtrack
Available for free from //www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoTxtH6o9HQ.

Release Updates
Release notes are available at //www.reddit.com/r/ArenaStars/.

About Tiny Titan Studios

Tiny Titan Studios is a game developer and publisher based in London, Ontario, Canada. Since launching in 2014, we’ve released 10 titles globally including Tiny Rails, Kung Fu Z, Arena Stars, Dash Quest and the much anticipated sequel, Dash Quest 2! Our philosophy is to develop a gaming experience that is fun and enjoyable for every player all over the world.

More information
More information on Tiny Titan Studios, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Arena Stars Credits

Project Director
Jeff Evans

Glenn Stanway

Design Director
Mark Bendon

Art Director
Jamie Boylan

Technical Director
Simon Orr

Music Composer and Audio Designer
Josh Richardson

Principal Artist
Michael "Mynki" Brennan

Principal Developer
Dave Koschman

Principal Network Developer
Mike Kasprzak

Character Art
Sean Cornish, Shane Hillman, Sam Bowdridge

Additional Art
Chris McIntyre

Shane Brandon, Justin Morritt, Ali Alwasiti

Marketing and PR
Brad Evans, Jenny Richardson

Audio Mastering Engineer
Jay Hodgson

Quality Assurance
Andrew Best, Carter Boon, Carson Braun, Will Jackson

Deborah Mitchell (Arena Master), Stephanie Demas (Elledritch), Lydia Wilton (Jette), Jenny Richardson (Knightingale, Manaqueen), Sarah Hunter (Miss Tea), Leandra Alex (Mekkan), Josh Richardson (Additional Voices), Glenn Stanway (Additional Voices).

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