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Tiny Update: July 5, 2017


Tiny Update: July 5, 2017

Hey Titans!
The last week or so has been all about Tiny Rails so let’s talk version 1.4.0 right away!

Here are the changes to the game:
- Players are now able to set their own waypoints at a station in Manual Depart
- Cargo demand is now removed from the list in the Cargo screen after the reward has been collected
- Arriving at station sound no longer plays while muted
- Welcome Back screen now shows in miles if Imperial is selected
- Fixed an issue where having a subscreen open wouldn't prevent the train from leaving the station
- Los Angeles station is now visible
- "Locked" flag on areas now shows appropriately
- Fixed an issue where you could accept a job for "Starting Area"
- Fixed an issue where low resolution devices would see some images cut off on the sides
- Increased max gold to 2,500,500
- Asia Center flags are now the correct countries, not Russia
- Fixed some European flags
- Fixed issue where "To Train" and "To Depot" text was flipped at Depots
- Fixed issue where an Area completion reward would not properly format the Area name

You’ll notice that there are more than bug fixes this time around. Of course we have our new Asia expansion, the new Asia cars, but you can set your own way points too!

Lastly, Tiny Titan Studios crossed 300,000 LIKES on Facebook! This is an incredible milestone, and we’re blown away by your support. It’s bewildering to think that so many people are playing our games, and interacting with us online; we never take anything like this for granted. You make us come to work every day with big smiles on our faces, and we promise to keep making great games for you inspired by the games we love.

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