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Tiny Rails Update 1.6.0

  • Tiny Rails Update 1.6.0 By Glenn Stanway
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Tiny Rails Update 1.6.0

Hello, Tiny Rails conductors! The days are getting shorter and there's a chill in the air here at Tiny Titan Studios - winter is right around the corner. We hope you're doing well and staying warm, wherever you may be.

Update 1.6.0 is in rollout on Android, and should soon be available for all Google and iOS players. This update brings Africa to our game as a playable area. Our new story chapter will see players competing in Mr. Higgs' Great Train Race, with a number of familiar faces returning to challenge for this year's title. Can Valerie and the crew come out on top? Be sure to play the new update and find out!

In addition to some bug fixes and new map and story content, the update also brings the much-requested return of the camera feature. Players can once again capture a screenshot at any point and save or share it to social media.

The other major feature in update 1.6.0 is an overhauled Train Shop. Players can still visit the shop to purchase gold or gems, but you'll now find Care Packages, Car Bundles and buyable engines, cabooses and cars in the shop, as well. The Car of the Day slot will rotate in a new Special rarity car each day at 12 am UTC. A selection of cars, engines and cabooses will appear at all times and refresh for each user on a six-hour timer based on their login time. With this updated shopping experience, players will have alternate options for gaining duplicate cars to level up and no longer have to unlock engines for purchase through gumball levels - simply wait for your favorite to appear and purchase it with your hard-earned gems or gold!

Update 1.6.1 will be following in very short order with a new Area Checklist system to improve the progression experience for new players. Rather than completing global progress indicators for each area, players will have a much more specific list of tasks to accomplish in each region and have a much better visual representation of what needs to be done to move forward.

We're always happy to have your feedback, so be sure to send us your thoughts about the new update via social media. We hope you enjoy this latest addition to Tiny Rails!

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