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Tiny Rails Mobile Update 1.4.6


Tiny Rails Mobile Update 1.4.6

Hello, Tiny Rails players!

We’d like to open this post by thanking all of you, on behalf of the Tiny Rails team, for your overwhelming support during our Steam launch. We’ve received an outpouring of very helpful feedback from the Steam community and the response has been extremely positive. We’re glad to have a home for our game on PC and Mac and are looking forward to continuing to improve and polish the experience based on your reports and reviews.

We learned a great deal about Tiny Rails while we were developing the Steam version and got a unique opportunity to really dig into the nuts and bolts of what makes the game work. We feel it’s the superior version of the game, and that brings us to mobile update 1.4.6, which should be available for both Android and iOS at some point in the coming week. We’re bringing numerous features to the mobile game that were inspired by Steam and we’re excited to share them with you.

What can mobile players expect in update 1.4.6? Let’s take a closer look!

Gumball Machine Updates

In Tiny Rails 1.4.6, players will be introduced to an updated Gumball Machine mechanic designed to enhance your feeling of accomplishment and progress. The machine now has a rank, and a player will rank up the machine by collecting sets of cars from it. When you enter the Gumball Machine menu, you’ll spend to roll as you’re accustomed to, and you’ll be rewarded a car at random from the set assigned to that rank. In addition to this, you can now purchase engines and cabooses via the machine at each rank, and will need to do so in order to gain a new Gumball Machine rank.

Existing players will still retain any cars, engines or cabooses that they’ve already purchased and will start at a Gumball Machine rank equivalent to the highest set of cars that they’ve already collected to this point. Some players will find that, due to how complete their collections are, they’ll be close to maximum rank already. Other players will have the odd hole in a set here or there that will need to be collected to progress.

For players seeking duplicate cars, you’ll be able to roll once you’ve reached maximum Gumball Machine rank and receive a random duplicate car from your collection. You won’t need duplicates, though, and we’ll talk about that a little later.

Train Upgrades

The train upgrade process will remain very much the same, with two exceptions. The first is that the upgrade screen is now its own window; engines and cabooses can now be viewed on their own tab in the Trainiary and can be equipped through the Train Edit menu, just like train cars.

The other change is that upgrade progression is now tied to Gumball Machine rank. At some point during the upgrade process, you may find that you’ll be asked to level the Gumball Machine in order to further upgrade your train. The rationale behind this, again, is to give players a greater sense of accomplishment and progression as they work through the game, and to place greater emphasis on collecting train cars, engines and cabooses.

Existing players will retain their current upgrade levels in each category, but depending on your Gumball Machine rank and current car collection, you may need to do a few rolls on the Gumball Machine in order to continue putting gold into train upgrades.

Gold Collection and Generation

Players will no longer have a maximum cap on the gold they can amass in the game, but there are some changes to how gold is stored and collected. The train will now have a Gold Vault, assigned to the caboose, that can store a capped amount of gold earned through transporting passengers between stations. At any point, players can simply tap the caboose to collect their gold. If you want to be able to store more gold in your Vault, the Gold Vault can be upgraded through the Upgrades menu.

There will also be new ways to earn gold, namely Entertainment cars. These cars will now generate gold over time during their hours of operation, which can be viewed in car details. Tapping on a car will collect this gold, and will also display an updated car details panel.

Lastly, Lance can now adjust your train fare prices through the Employees menu. A well-maintained train with rare or special cars equipped will be more likely to attract passengers and make them more willing to spend. Be sure to experiment with car combinations and your ticket costs!

Car Maintenance

Along with collecting gold from Entertainment cars, players will now want to keep a close eye on repairing and cleaning their equipped train cars. Cars will take damage as they spend time equipped to your train, and if they become too poorly maintained, your train’s speed will be temporarily affected. Passengers, including VIPs, will be much more likely to board your train if you’re diligently cleaning your cars, as well, which will also become dirty as they’re used.

The new maintenance button in the lower HUD will easily allow players to repair or clean one car at a time, or all affected cars for a one-time gold spend.

Car Leveling

We mentioned earlier that duplicate cars will have reduced importance to players, beyond whatever desired cosmetics a given player might have. The reason for this is an updated leveling system for train cars which we feel is both simpler and more sensible.

Cars will now gain XP as they spend time equipped to your train, and when a car has gained enough, you’ll have an opportunity to level it up. Simply tap the car, spend some gold by tapping the level up button and your car will gain a level. Have duplicates of a car already? They can all be leveled up, simply by equipping each of them to your train, either all at once or individually.

Cosmetic Changes

There are a number of small changes to the visuals in the game that will both enhance the experience and give clues to how your business is doing. These include:

  • Better-looking, interactive smoke effects
  • Passenger chatter will occur randomly during your travels
  • Passenger emojis will appear when you arrive at and depart from stations to give you a sense of how your passengers are feeling
  • Achievements, Secrets, Moments and Stats are now located on tabs in the Logbook
  • Passengers can now be selected from the passenger lists to get a new review


As long-term Tiny Rails players can see, there are a lot of significant changes to the gameplay coming in update 1.4.6. We strongly believe that these changes will enhance the experience for new players while giving our veteran players interesting new ways to play and more things to do.

We’ll be continuing to introduce features in the coming weeks to help emphasize the collectability of cars, give players reasons to use different types of engines and cabooses and further enhance the “endgame” of Tiny Rails for those players who have already finished the story content. Of course, we’ll also be working hard to complete our world map… and explore what comes next!

Thank you as always for your support and your incredible passion for our game. We welcome your feedback and we’re excited to see how you respond to our next update!

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