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Tiny Rails 1.4.7

Hi folks!
Just wanted to get a quick post up on our website for everyone wondering what's going on with Tiny Rails as of late. On Monday, we pushed update 1.4.6 for Android users that saw a lot of new features and mechanics hit the game, as well as some rebalancing. On top of that, we came across a ton of bugs too! It was pretty close to a nightmare scenario.

That said, we're moving forward with a lot of fixes for 1.4.6 and already had an update pushed, 1.4.7 that fixed a lot of behind the scenes issues - namely:

- Ad reward details and rewards
- Incorrect push notifications
- Freezing related to suspending the game
- Back key behavior

This still leaves some other major things for us to work on like the User Interface (UI) display which we will scale up and looking into performance issues that was also reported. We are looking to fix that today!

I assure you, the entire team is "all hands on deck" at this point as we work to fix the unforeseen problems that arose. And, to that end, we're looking at reward our loyal players too! Apple players are not affected by this yet as we usually roll out updates on Google devices first because it's a bit more flexible and forgiving when it comes to replacing a build if necessary. When we do update the Apple version of Tiny Rails, we will have addressed all of the above issues.

There are also some balancing issues that we're exploring too. Some stats were adjusted to allow the game to expand to South America, Africa, Australia and beyond, but some seem to have bugs written all over them. Bear with us as we resolve this and push builds to make the changes count.

Above and beyond the nitty gritty specifics, we're thankful for your continued support. We apologize for the seemingly sudden changes and hope you understand they were intended to provide a better user experience. Thank you for your patience during this time.

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