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The Not-So-Distant Future of Dash Quest and Tiny Rails!


The Not-So-Distant Future of Dash Quest and Tiny Rails!

Hellow Titans!
More often than not, we're pretty tight lipped on development behind the scenes, not touting too much in case unforeseen problems arise causing us to alter our plans. That said, we want to start changing that approach with the understanding that these are the things we're aiming to bring your way with approximate release dates.

So, what's happening with Tiny Rails and where will it be in about a month? Take a look at the blurb we just posted to our Facebook page:

Tiny Rails Mobile Update 1.5.0 (Mid-September 2017)

Explore the jungles of South America in the newest update for Tiny Rails! Build new stations as you adventure across the Amazon with new Characters, new Moments to capture, new Quests and new Challenges! This update also includes a new car maintenance feature, updated area checklists and enhanced progression, including an updated gumball system for earning cars, new car leveling system and more!

So, if you've been playing Tiny Rails either on mobile or on Steam, you'll notice some massive changes listed above, primarily area checklists and station building as well as our South America expansion. Station building requires the player to deliver cargo from factories to a build site
, and even pay for the connecting rails. Area checklists surface the requirements to complete an area and also reward players upon doing so. And as for South America, you'll just have to wait and see.

Let's not forget about Dash Quest though!

Here's a look at things coming to DQ:

Dash Quest Mobile Update 2.7.0 (Mid-September 2017)

Dash your hero to level 130 with brand new themed gear sets, a rebalanced player friendly progression curve, and an adjusted early game experience. New level caps, and gear sets every two weeks, plus new features are all coming to Dash Quest!

Overall, you can expect frequent level cap increases and accompanying gear, but we have a lot of new features we want to explore. A revamped shop experience, new streamlined modes that emphasize competition, and a fun gacha system that gives players even more reasons to keep playing our ever-popular endless mode are just some of the features in development for Dash Quest.

That's it for now. As always, reach out on Facebook, Twitter, and if you haven't already, pick up Tiny Rails on Steam!

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