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Tiny Update: July 26, 2017


Tiny Update: July 26, 2017

Hello Titans!

It’s been a while since we dropped an update so let’s get to it!

Dash Quest has seen a pair of updates hit both iOS and Android in the passing weeks that addressed some gold farming exploits, enemy balancing and the increase of our level cap from level 100 to level 125. Our first push may have been a bit too hardcore, so we went back and adjusted some of our dials making the sense of progression closer to the familiar feel for our legacy players. There’s more Dash Quest content development happening behind the scenes including additional gear, perks, skills and more. We hope to roll this out over the coming months so stay tuned and get Dashing!

The Tiny Rails team has been slammed as of late as we prepare for the game’s Steam launch on August 8th. Recently, we showcased a first look at the Steam build on our regular #TitanTwitch broadcasts. You can check it out here to see that version of the game. That said, we haven’t forgotten about the mobile audience in anyway. Tiny Rails 1.4.3 goes live very soon and addresses the following:

- Fixed engine horns!
- Added over 25 new VIP passengers and reviews
- Fixed an issue with the gold/gem earn stat
- A few English spelling errors corrected
- Fixed an issue that caused players to occasionally never arrive at stations

On top of those key fixes, we’re working on some exciting features and looking for ways to bring some of the new mechanics that we introduced for Steam to your mobile device.

We also have several projects now in development and accordingly are looking to add to our roster of Titans in the studio! Check out our career section and if there’s a position that’s right for you, drop us a line!

That’s all for now - until next time!

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